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What Makes Us Unique

Each society served by The Rees Group has a unique reason for being and a unique set of needs and resources. The Rees Group offers a full menu of services from which the client societies pick and choose. We tailor those services to fit the particular needs of the society.

The advantages in having The Rees Group as your management firm are:

  • Your association has a staff of experts to perform all its required duties.
  • Your association can use The Rees Group, Inc. office as its headquarters.
  • Your association does not need to invest in rent, furniture, or equipment.
  • Your association is never caught short through the loss of key staff due to illness, vacation or relocation. The Rees Group, Inc. has internal staff back-up.
  • Your association avoids all personnel issues. Since your organization's staff members are The Rees Group, Inc. employees, you avoid payroll, payroll taxes, benefits and even a personnel committee.
  • Your association benefits through The Rees Group, Inc.'s ability to negotiate the best prices and services for meeting space, publication costs and supplies
  • Your association saves money through efficiency, volume purchases and time-sharing.