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Communications and Public Relations

Publications and communications should be viewed in a much broader context than just the production of a journal, a newsletter, and contact with the members. Communications also encompasses public and government relations, marketing, fund raising, and corporate relations.

Next to the convention, publications may be the most valued service that an association provides. The Rees Group provides state-of-the-art proficiency in desktop publishing, serving as the design and publications center for several association publications. We also design and publish several newsletters, both for print and electronic distribution.

The Rees Group, Inc. designs and coordinates printing for all society publications. Design and layout is under the control of The Rees Group staff graphic artist. In-house production and staff time are considered a normal part of The Rees Group's management fee.

The Rees Group has the expertise to write focused press releases that attract media attention, as well as letters to government officials and other decision-makers and stakeholders. We can assist your organization with developing strong messages relevant to the audience they should impact.

The Rees Group has considerable experience in publishing scientific journals. We have been the editorial office and publisher, contracting with outside printers, binders, and distribution centers. We have also worked with large publishers (Raven Press, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Lawrence Earlbaum, Human Kinetics, etc.) where The Rees Group has served as the editorial office only.

Communications is much more than simply getting your message out. The Rees Group believes that good communications begins with having an understanding of the tools available and providing the best choices for the clients we serve. The Rees Group has the capacity to keep an association current in all aspects of communications, now and in the future.