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Day-to-Day Administration

The Rees Group, Inc. will assign dedicated staff as primary contacts for your association. Your organization would never be caught short from lack of staff. The Rees Group, Inc. has appropriate personnel to back up key staff who are out of the office because of offsite meetings, vacation or illness. The Board of Directors and members may feel free to contact any staff member at any time.

The Rees Group, Inc.'s broad range of skills and expertise means your association will have a staff of in-house experts to perform your required duties. Our fully automated, modern office means association management tasks are completed efficiently.

The headquarters staff would be responsible for all the administrative functions related to the business management of your association, including:

  • Maintaining a well-equipped office.
  • Responding to association telephone calls, faxes, and emails, answering the inquiry and/or directing the caller to the appropriate source.
  • Writing general correspondence.
  • Receiving and routing incoming mail.
  • Coordinating all association mailings.
  • Representing your association to those outside the profession, including media, government, vendors and corporations.
  • Developing all association forms.
  • Maintaining all records, including financial, in electronic and hard copy formats where required by regulation.
  • Scheduling and recording Board meetings and conference calls.
  • Tabulating ballots.
  • Storage of association supplies and products.
  • Storage of all back issues of publications and other promotional materials.

Monitoring compliance is a key task for the management team. The Rees Group, Inc. staff precisely monitor all activities with respect to local, state and federal reporting, including:

  • Maintaining association corporate records.
  • Maintaining association historical files.
  • Preparing reports to ensure association compliance with IRS requirements.
  • Ensuring association compliance with laws governing non-profit organizations.
  • Filing annual reports with the IRS and the State of Incorporation.
  • Storing and maintaining tax and financial records.