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Financial Management

Financial Management
Financial Management
Financial Management

The Rees Group, Inc. adheres to generally accepted accounting principles and strictly maintains the integrity of the financial and accounting processes, records and reports. This system ensures that association funds and accounts will remain separate and distinct from any other society accounts or those of The Rees Group itself. With the Secretary/Treasurer or Board of Directors, we will prepare the yearly operating budget, assist with the development of any investment policies or other financial controls, as well as handling all day-to-day aspects of the association's financial activity:

  • Collection and deposits of all incoming receipts including dues, registration fees and other revenues.
  • Process all payments made by credit card.
  • Produce monthly financial reports and provide to the appropriate Board member(s).
  • Produce quarterly financial projections, actual vs. budget.
  • Establish and maintain an excellent credit rating for associations by paying vendors in a timely manner.
  • Advise the Secretary/Treasurer, and Board of Directors in a timely fashion of fiscal information that would impact the annual budget, such as anticipated increases in expenses or changes in income categories.
  • Prepare and file all state and federal tax forms (in conjunction with an accounting firm).
  • Assist the association's commissioned accountant/auditor in annual audit procedures.
  • Maintain appropriate property and Officer's liability insurance.

Holding expenses down is a tradition at The Rees Group. We provide excellent service with the available resources. Reducing excess cost without curtailing service is the first step. This goal is accomplished through financial controls and smart shopping. Finding new revenue sources that produce a surplus is the next step. These sources might be product sales, contributions, new categories of membership, etc. The Rees Group will analyze the income and expense sources and will recommend how to improve the association's financial status.