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Membership Management

The Rees Group's membership department provides the following services:

  • Assist the Board in creating policies, procedures and strategic plans to guide future activities.
  • Establish and accurately maintain computerized records on all active and inactive members.
  • Coordinate and monitor the annual member renewal processes sending out dues notices and keeping the Board informed on the status of renewals.
  • Process all approved new members; send acceptance letters and mail welcome packets to new members, if applicable.
  • Draft and execute, in conjunction with the Board, member promotion campaigns designed to retain current, and attract new, members.
  • Arrange for publication of the annual membership directory in hard copy and on the web site.
  • Prepare quarterly membership reports for the Board of Directors.
  • Research and recommend new member products and services in response to Board of Directors ideas, suggestions and goals.
  • Maintain former member records and invite them to rejoin.
  • Establish a membership department that functions as a customer service department, responsive and helpful to all members.

Membership recruitment and retention begins with dedicated customer services and good record management. We cannot over emphasize the value of maintaining accurate membership records. An incorrect address or a misspelled name can lead to a lost member. Record management is an integral part of membership recruitment and retention. Once a potential member has been recruited, the same effort must be applied to retaining the member. Members are retained when they feel well served and can achieve their goals within the society.