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Membership Management

The Rees Group's membership department provides the following services:

Web/Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions

The World Wide Web is the most important promotional tool of the past decade. The Rees Group, Inc. is prepared to use this tool in the growth and development of your association

Communications and Public Relations

Publications and communications should be viewed in a much broader context than just the production of a journal, a newsletter, and contact with the members. Communications also encompasses public and government relations, marketing, fund raising, and corporate relations.

Corporate Sponsorship Management

In order for most associations to be financially successful, it is often necessary they raise funds to supplement the traditional sources of society business income. Those traditional sources of association business income include dues, meeting registration fees, exhibitor fees, sales, advertising and miscellaneous income such as interest.

Most monies raised outside the traditional sources of society business income result from a concerted effort at fundraising. There are three principle sources of fundraising income: individuals, foundations, and corporations.